16 JAN 2022 Worship will be "AT CHURCH" as "JOINT WORSHIP"

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IWE will gather at church this coming Lord's Day at 10:00 AMIt will be a "JOINT" worship with NEXUS.

LIVE STREAMING will be also available (without subtitles) at 10:00am. Join the IWE YouTube channel below!


ZERA Children's Worship will gather at 10:00am at the Admin Building Room #504.

Still under the influence of COVID-19, we will be ready with all the necessary precautions. Please wear your mask at all times while you are at church. Please come early around 9:30 AM with your church QR code (or tag) to enter with ease at the church gates.

If you are a first-time visitor to Youngnak & IWE, please bring a valid ID card (such as driver's license or passport or Alien Registration Card) with you.

*** If you've entered South Korea recently within 2 weeks of period or have a family member in your household who has, and/or have a fever or respiratory symptoms such as coughing, please stay home and use the online method of worship.

*** You will not be able to enter if you have a fever or if you are not wearing a mask.

*** For those that are fully vaccinated, we recommend you to stop by the church office and receive the "VACCINATED" tag for easier access.


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Soopyoro 33, Jung-Gu, Seoul, South Korea